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Chakras are energy wheels in the body. Chakra is a Sanskrit word for wheel, meaning wheel or vortex of energy. 

Our bodies have various energy flows throughout it, the Chi, the Meridian, the Chakra. Understanding these energies and their role, assists in cleansing and healing the energy blocks so they will flow better and allow whole healing. 

Here are some simple Affirmations for the Chakras.

Sitting in meditation with the intentions of each chakra as you visualise the colour and place your hands on each one, will intensify the energy for that chakra. Adding crystals, and scents, and sounds, like Om will also harmonise with the chakras natural vibration and amplify the healing. Saying the affirmations, or any others you may resonate with will solidify your transition. 


I am conscious and I am spiritual.

I am connected to the Universe. 

Third Eye

I trust my intuition to guide and protect me. 

I listen to the wisdom within me. 


I am mindful of what I say. 

I express my thoughts and emotions with ease. 


I express my emotions openly and skilfully. 

I am worthy of love. 

Solar Plexus

I have a strong will power.

I value and trust myself fully. 


I love and enjoy my body. 

I have healthy boundaries. 


I have what I need.

I accept all the abundances in my life. 

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