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What I Can Do With You

If you

* are confused about what you want

* have difficulty making decisions

* need guidance or techniques to action

* and want to change?


Then I can help you

Together can will explore any limiting beliefs and shadows that keep you stuck where you are, develop goals, learn techniques to assist you when there is no-one else around to help. 

As a qualified and intuitive Counsellor, Abuse victim/survivor thriver and Energy practitioner I believe in more than one way to relieve the soul and body from its traumas, bringing yostrength and authenticity. 

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Traditional Counselling and Life Coaching is a wonderful resource, from listening, to advice, and strategies to challenge our usual way of thinking and doing things. 

Professional Counselling offers many more counselling areas than just Holistic counselling and combined with Holistic practices, and proactive strategies where clients are assisted in a variety of dynamics and modalities chosen for your personal transformation.

Compliment this with the elements of Metaphysics and the concepts of the Law of Attraction and spirituality and there is a much greater source of soul healing for you with Lotus Energies. 

Traditional Counselling covers a variety of Counselling modalities: Person Centred, Gestalt, Narrative, Solution Focused to name a few. For additional therapies see Alternative Counselling.      


Abuse Counselling

Coming through abuse can be more that terrifying as we have been so physiologically and emotionally affected, no matter which type of abuse it is. I not only have studied and trained in this field but I was a victim. 

Gentle consideration of the delicate state of a victim is vital, as is the knowledge to provide techniques for strength and guidance with compassion. 

An understanding of the influences and reasons for abuse occurring can also be helpful for the abuse victim, however everyone is unique and will be tenderly considered. 

Relationship Counselling and Conflict Resolution

Explores the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, and recognising indications and contraindications for relationship counselling,  the differences between men and women's styles of communication; principles for effective work with couples and ways of solving relationship problems

The process of relationship counselling includes understanding client needs and concerns  and effectively terminating sessions with couples; divorce counselling and mediation, regardless of gender.


Child Development

What behaviours to expect from children at different stages and ages; effective methods for communicating with children; resolving conflict between parents and children; helping children to understand and deal with their feelings; anger management in children and the role of self. 

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