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Make Your Magic Happen


What is Crystal Gridding


Crystal gridding is bringing together the power of nature’s harmonic geometries, her crystal energies and our own powerful intention, into an arrangement of designs that interweaves your aspiration with nature so that your desire can be manifested. 


It is a beautiful and synchronistic way to present to the Universe your wish. 


Crystal Gridding uses the laws and beauty of nature to bring Magic to your world by utilising the sacred geometry of nature, the energies of crystals and our Intention. All of these things have a vibration and when we align them it will create a a power station or magnet for our Intention.


Although one crystal can be known to help with healing or desires, crystal gridding is compounding the energy sources of nature making it more powerful. 


Universal Energy


Everything in and around us is Energy. 


It flows through every living thing and holds everything together. 


Energy is measured in frequency and can be measured with instruments, felt with Reiki hands, and sensed with the heart and mind.


Energy, whether seen or not seen, still operates the Universe. 


So why not use the energy of nature to add value to your dreams? 



Crystal Energy


For thousands of years mankind has been using crystals for healing, for purifying water or bacterial and more recently in our technologies for saving data and for regulating the emission of the flow of energy. 

Our computers, batteries, quartz watches, lasers, liquid crystal display screens are all functioning because of crystals. Crystals are now essential to our way of life even when we don’t see it. 


Let’s open our minds to the unseen ways that the ancients already knew.


Crystal Energy for Healing


As holistic beings, we are becoming more aware of the affects of our thoughts and words on the health of the body and what we can manifest into reality around us. We can actually make ourselves sick by what we think of ourselves or harbour inside. We can also promote healing in ourselves and others but using higher vibrationary thoughts. 

Crystals can assist in healing, and so can the power or energy of our words and not just the words or meanings of our words. 


If you have seen the Dr Emoto experiment on the power of words on water, then can you imagine the power of our own words on the water and cells within our own bodies? Why not optimise the positive and creative process of nature for our own desire?


Layering your Desire with Nature’s Patterns


Combining your desire with nature’s ability to manifest into form is the key to Crystal Gridding. Be sure to choose your Intention wisely. Be truly clear on what it is you want. Is it healing for another person, to pay your school fees this month or to complete your assessments by a certain time frame with clarity. Being clear on what you want means that there are no grey areas or fuzzy ideas that conflict with your message. The Universe can’t help you if you are giving two opposition messages at the same time. 


Also, be clear on your worth to receive. If you have any doubt to receive what you are asking for then that vibration will interfere and negate your other desires. 


Crystal Gridding Basics


Rules of Gridding 


  1. There are no rules.

  2. There is no right or wrong, or you will put a stress factor into the process and interfere with the energy dimension of your desire. 

  3. Have a goal, or something that you would like to change. 

  4. Intuition is paramount. Listen to your internal voice, quiet the mind, and have less mental chatter.

  5. Choose intuitively or by what others have guided for the chosen purpose or crystals.

  6. Have fun. Enjoy the process and be creative. Experiment with different aspects of the gridding, knowing that while you are open to the flow of energy everything is okay! 

  7. Allow your body and mind to ‘feel’ the flow of power within you. Allow yourself to be the guide and the magnet for Universal energy.


What you need 


  1. Your Intention - your goal - your desire

  2. A Crystal Grid with sacred geometry (either download a template (link), or use a prepared on (link to my grids). Suggestions are below (link)

  3. Crystals - primary or centre crystal, perhaps a master crystal, or one with an activating point. Be sure the crystals are cleaned and ready to use. 

  4. Crystals to surround the centre crystal. 

  5. Crystals that you choose or that are known for the intention of your Grid or desire. They can be tumblestones, rough crystals, or points.

  6. Quartz gridding crystals - optional

  7. Activating Quartz Wand or a quartz crystal point.


Goals and Intentions


When choosing a goal make sure it is realistic. if it isn’t, your inner voice will resist it and it won’t happen anyway. 


Choose your goal for yourself or others. It could be better sleep, health of a loved one, or to find something you’ve lost. You could be wanting peace, or to find the right relationship or better career path. 

Whatever your intention is, make it clear, without doubt and realistic. 


Write you goal down because this way you have to be certain about it and can check on your wording if you may forget. Fold the paper on which is the written goal and place it either in the centre of the grid, or under the side of the grid. Tumbled, rough or even faceted stones are centered around the "Master Crystal" which acts as the primary energy force for the grid.


Making Magic


Putting together the power of your thoughts, with the energy of crystals into a formation that encourages the creation of what we are imagining, is an exciting way to utilise nature’s gifts. 


Using crystal energy, the power of our mind and belief that we are our own creators is a foundation for changing things around us. 


Which Grid design should you use? 


Every grid has a sacred geometry.

With Lotus Energy Crystal Gridding Intention Boards, the crystals can be assembled on the board which can then be moved. The boards are strong yet lightweight, suitable for use indoors or outdoors and designed to be moved when you need to without disturbing the energies. The Grids are not paper, laminate or material so they are durable and transportable.


Which crystals should I you use?


The centre crystal, sometimes called the primary or focus crystal, will mostly have a point, like a master crystal. It is the power stone or the one that holds the most amplification value.

The outer crystals, sometimes called secondary or way crystals are chosen with your connection to them or because you know that those particular crystals are good for the purpose of your grid. 

An Activating quartz tip or Wand is the method for connecting the energies of the crystals in the grid.  


Getting Started


1. Intention. 

2. Location.

3. The Grid. 

4. Selecting the cleansed crystals.

5. Placing the crystals in the layout.

6. Activate the Grid.

7. Send your Vision.

8. Remain grateful. 


Making your Grid


1. Your Intention

Write down your intention. 

Words are energy too, just like feelings, so allow the exactness of your words become powerful. 

Be clear in the words of your intention so the Universe receives an absolute message. 


2. Location

Decide on the location of your grid. If it is to do with your child, then placing the grid in the bedroom is suggested. If the grid is about money or finances then placing the grid in the office would assist in the vibrational financial healing you are seeking. A grid of protection may need to be placed near the doorway.

You may wish to sage cleanse the area, or play bells or bowls to allow sound to cleanse the space and crystals for use. Subtle meditation or Reiki music in the background can help set the tone for the Gridding. 


3. The Grid

There are many Grids to choose from and many styles. You don’t need a template or board, or a particular layout, however some suggestions you may well resonate with are list in more detail below. (Grids meanings and Geometry)

Each layout will be different. Some layouts may be complex with a variety of tumblestones, chips, blades or raw pieces.


4. Select 

Having cleansed crystals on hand will always help the energy flow better when you come to need them. (See cleansing - below). 

Select your crystals and place the primary or focus crystal, into the centre of the grid. Usually a quartz point that can stand will be the crystal of choice. Hold your intention in your mind as you place the crystals. 


5. Place the Crystals

Place the remaining crystal where your heart or the energy of your hands indicates. Fill the layout with crystals and your energy. 

Always work your intention into your layout. The more work you do with crystals and energy (eg: Reiki energy) to more sensitive you will become to the language and direction that the crystals can impart. 

Once the crystals are placed, activate the crystals using the activating quartz. Always visualise your intention.


6. Activating Your Grid   

Using a specially designed Activating Quartz Wand, or a quartz crystal facilitates the energy weaving without touching the crystals. Hold your Wand or quartz, feeling your intention and using your senses to feel the energy in the crystals and in nature. You may wish to hold the crystal gently in the palm chakra to allow it to amplify the energy in the quartz. 

Touch each piece, linking the energy of each crystal. Weaving the energy of each crystal into the design of the grid and linking it with the master crystal in the centre is the purpose of this step. Gently touch, or nearly touch the crystals, one at a time, from the outside to the centre in a pattern through the grinding layout, moving mostly in a clockwise direction. You can go around the outer ring towards the centre, or follow the pattern of the crystals from the outside to the centre with each arm of the design. 

It’s a bit like connecting the dots in the artwork we did as a child.

Picture it with your eye as you weave the energy around the crystals. Touch or nearly touch each crystal with the tip of the quartz Wand. Work in a direction from the inner to the outer and back again. Go in a clockwise direction around the ring of the layout or from the outer to the inner arm in a clockwise direction.


7. Send Your Vision

Once each crystal has been touched with your Intention, which is the energy of your thoughts, and each has been linked into the centre crystal using the Wand, then direction the energy upward to the universe, allowing the power to travel out for manifestation. 

Once the crystals are linked use the activating quartz to direction the energy stream up from the centre quartz to the universe so it can impart the intention out for creation.

Sit with your Grid. Breath in slowly the energy of the Universe, breath out slowly with the vision and belief that it is real. See in your mind’s eye, your Third Eye, the reality of your Intention coming true. Believe it to be real. Feel as if it has happened and notice the feeling of gratitude for having received that magic. See it coming true and real.

Be sure to allow your vision to be for the highest good and for positive changes.


8. Gratitude 

Remain grateful each time you see the Grid. 

Recite the affirmation of gratitude and your intention when you gaze on the crystal layout and open up to the energy sensations. Spend time with your crystal grinding to add more power to your desires coming true.




Record your Outcomes


Once you have set up the layout for your grid and you are satisfied that it is true for you, then record the grid layout, the crystals used and the intention you mean to manifest. 


Coming back to this record will help you to see the changes and know they have come true. Re-reading your outcome form time to time will give you the confidence that crystal grinding does work. 

Outcome Record Template

Your own Crystal Gridding Guide.


Download  here

NB. File does not automatically download, so please select the features and location for your file to be stored. Enjoy.

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