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A Guide to Grids and their Meanings

Grids based on Two - 4, 6, 8 or 16 are for Manifesting and helping to change things. 

The basic Seed of Life is the beginning of the creative process, from which things are multiplied by doubling. Cells divide to multiply and hence we manifest into form that which was invisible. Can be used to intend abundance in our personal change, family life, and the transformations of healing work.

Use isometric crystals and cubes, pyrite, garnet, ruby, Metatrom’s Cube, the Seed of Life or the Star of David.


Grids based on Three -  6 or 12 are useful for finding Balance, tapping into skills, and talents. 

It is based on the Trinity, Past Present and Future ideals, Stability and Unfolding or morphing into new stages. 

 Use hexagram or honeycomb crystals, like quartz or amethyst, The Trilogy, The Star of David or Metatron’s Cube.


Grids based on Four -  8 or 12 are useful for finding Direction. 

The Compass guides and gives direction even when you don’t know which way to go. 

It can hold you to your course through the negotiations of trials.


Grids based on Five - 10 or 20 and is the number for Self / Creation / Love.

Shown in its complexities yet perfect alignment the DaVinci person is in-line with The Pentagram - 5 senses, 5 fingers and toes, 5 stages of life.

Representing Humanity, the Pentagram Grid can be used for Inner Child work to connect to oneself and Self-Love. 

Connecting to the innocent child you once were is also possible, and creating the enlightened You.

Matters of the heart whether for self or a broken one, or Romance with another are also intentions possible for this grid.

Use the Pentagram which is a symbol of humanity, beauty and our potential.


Grids based on Seven - including 14 or 28 are concerned with Cycles. 

Seven days, quarter Moon cycles, 14 days of the fortnight or half moons, or full moon cycles. 

This grid can aid in your unique beliefs, or unfolding of new chapters in life.


Grids based on Nine - including 18 or 36 this grid is for Karma / Universality. 

Regarding Universal love, the mystical and spiritual awareness of things coming full circle, and events following their course. 

It is a symbol of completeness, Oneness and a triple Trinity. There is a suggestion of fate or inevitability with nine. Use the Flower of Life.

Preparing Your Crystal Grid


Choose your Intention.  You can this write down to include in the grid by placing it under the Centre Crystal or under the grid. 

Cleanse the room or area, using sage, candles, music. Ensure the area is free of previous negative energies or dust.


Ensure your crystals and a wand are cleansed and ready for activation. Choose your crystals for the Intention, or by Intuition.

Include a Centre Crystal, primary and secondary crystals, together with quartz gridding crystals or similar.


Sit with your chosen crystals, and visualise your intention into them while preparing yourself and space for the laying of the grid. 

Place the centre crystal first, then all others by intuition. There is no particular laying order, however your intention is integral. 


Once laid on the Grid, use the chosen wand, to weave the energy and link the crystals from the centre crystal to each one around the grid. 

Be sure to connect the energy from each crystal back to the centre either directly or through the patterns of the grid. 


Record your grid style, Intention, crystals used and the outcome of your experience with your layout. 

Revisiting your feelings and inspirations and growth is uplifting and inspiring in your spiritual journey and the essence of your Crystal Healings.

Each time you have a Crystal layout with a special intention, it is a good idea to keep a record of this. If you would like to record this, place click here for your template.

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