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Energy Balancing is done through Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Crystal healing, and muscle monitoring.  When stress, trauma, anxieties, limiting beliefs and past events trouble our subconscious minds, we become unbalanced, harbouring unresolved issues. Energy Balancing is the leveling out of excess or deficient energy within the body. It can be brought about by Reiki, crystals, and through the alchemy of sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.

Most often our emotions cause our illness and we can literally make ourselves sick. Meditation and affirmations work to clear stuck energy and thoughts, clearing the path for energy to be channelled cleanly through the body. 
To provide a more complete and Holistic approach to your Reiki session and healing path, you will receive a guided meditation and visualization of the engeries we will be working wtih.
To untilise the other senses, and to alchemize your energy being, an Energy Balancing session can include other Alternative modalities like Crystal healing. This can utilize the healing power of crystals for Chakra balancing or for an intentioned purpose like Inner Child work, abundance, or love, to name a few. 
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