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Since 2016 we have been having in-home live workshops for  

Spirit-Ed™ Events with topics ranging from 

* chi energies and meridians

* mediations

* mindset skills

* breathing techniques

* reiki skills and chakras

* crystal gridding

We continue to offer experiential live learning with the emphasis on fun, connection and the love of holistic techniques to improve the quality of our lives and our loved ones. 

When you know the mechanism of the mind body and spirit and can practice with trained professionals, it is easier to grasp and experience change and empowerment which translates into

- more confidence

- the ability to let go, 

- greater health 

- manifesting the life you want and much more. 

Join us

Register Immediately

Each workshops last up to 3 hours, with a cuppa to share and new friends to connect with. Your friends are welcome too. 

Paypal via Eventbrite is the easiest way.

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