to a Weekend Workshop of

Healing with Higher Help

learning and using Holistic Techniques

and giving you the tools to Rise Above your pains, past hurts and traumas, on your journey to Self Awareness and on your Path to Purpose.

 Connecting you to the Divine energy within


Next date to be announced

During the Workshop you will experience the following 

Science of Thought - how our mind interferes with our Spiritual path 

Using Meridian Tapping to imprint a higher purpose

Guided Mediations for the Heart and Inner Child

Utilising Crystal Grids to enhance our Intentions

Crystal energies and the Law of Attraction

Crafting unique Affirmations

Healing with the Archangels

Colour Therapy expression

Goal Setting the right way
Techniques to Journalling

Reiki energy healing

and More

Qualified and

Experienced Healers  


will conduct the workshop and

you will have

a loving and safe environment of expression,

workbooks to record you thoughts,

lightbulb moments of growth

and commitments of change, 

PLUS sources of further guidance.