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What I Can Do For You

If you have

* anxiety and sleeping concerns

* unbalanced energy centres (chakras) 

* disturbed thought patterns

* circulations issues


I can help you discover the value of breathing and relaxing, by using chi and Reiki techniques to discover your Divine energy within. This gives a healthier flow of dynamic energy which encourages healing in every part of the body and soul. Personal guidance during session can be given. Spirit-Ed events always contain mediation and training. 

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As a firm believer in the deep spirituality of humankind, and the eternal value of our connectedness with the Creator, the Divine Source, or God, with a Lotus Energies quantum meditation you can experience and enhance your direct link to Source Energy. 

Through meditation, understanding the science of breath and breathing and its effects on the body and mind, plus with gentle hypnotherapy, you can remove blocks in your subconscious that your conscious mind is refusing to acknowledge or change. 

Guided quantum meditation incorporates your choice to change and your openness to being aware of your divinity, and your desire for enlightenment. 

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