This unique step-by-step program will move you from your place of disempowerment


 Come into YOUR power place and give yourself the respect and honour

you've always deserved but didn't encourage.


Find a strength that gives you the right and the ability to decide for yourself what your life and journey looks like.


RECOGNISE how illness gets trapped into our body and our psyche. 

REVEAL the reasons for acceptance of your own abuse


How to REMOVE ourselves from situations that are not serving our Higher self


REALIGN and connect with divine power by understanding energies.

We work with meditations


RELEASE our hold on the power controls outside of us.


RECOVER the lost parts of our life through step-by-step by Parts Re-association. 


REPLENISH the spirit and passion of our lives and find the 'spark'. 


REPAIR the damage  done by the abuse to ourselves.


REDESIGN the truth of our souls to new purposes.


RESTORE wholeness, health, harmony and happiness.


RECLAIM our inner Goddess and God.


and REGAIN our momentum in our fully fabulous lives. 

AN exciting program full of games activities, worksheets and interactions.

A  Spirit-Ed™ Event

How to Gain Control of Your Life Workshop

with Leanne James