Be Open

to the change you know you need to make for you 

  Your Personal Empowerment 

is a step-by-step program to take you from whatever place of disempowerment you're in,

 no matter what that looks like, no matter how confused you were or are.

 You will come into YOUR power place and give yourself the respect and honour that you've always deserved but didn't encourage.

Your will find a strength that gives you the right and the ability to decide for yourself what your life and journey looks like.

Have you ever been, or are you right now, so CONFUSED about what's going on in your life?

You've lost your passion?

You've got no idea what your purpose is

and you question why you're even on this planet?

You know that something has to change but you just don't know whator how to make that happen? 

You probably feel like I used to feel -

so confused in your mind that you even doubt how to make simple decisions anymore.

Your mind is such a MESS that you feel like you are actually losing your mind.

Whether you've been beaten down with other people's OPINIONS or your own  EXPECTATIONS .. even if you've been ABUSED by someone else... or even by yourself......

 you feel like you've got this black hole in your mind...

and you are in the ABYSS of that abuse and SELF DOUBT and UNWORTHINESS.

Your Personal Empowerment

covers the steps for you to 


RECOGNISE the abuse that you've been allowing be that from another person or situations

 or from yourself and how it has been deposited into your body and your psyche 


REVEAL the reasons for acceptance of abuse using 

Shadow Work, Block Therapy, Energy Healings, and Crystal Healings


How to REMOVE ourselves from abusive situations and

 how to strategise and handle them 

Learn to REALIGN and connect with divine power

by understanding energies.

We work work with meditations, breath work, affirmations, journaling -

but not the way you've seen before.


We will RELEASE your hold on the power of the abuse


RECOVER the lost parts of your life through step-by-step by parts re-association 


We REPLENISH the spirit and passion of our lives and go find the spark 


REPAIR the damage done by the abuse to ourselves and to others,

by learning to forgive and how that translates when we can no longer face the abuser

or those who we've hurt in the process


REDESIGN the truth of our souls to new purposes


RESTORE wholeness, health, harmony and happiness


RECLAIM our inner Goddess and God.


and REGAIN our momentum in our fully fabulous lives. 

An exciting program full of games, activities, worksheets and interactions.

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