You just do not know how things can change and you've probably been thinking you deserve the dramas and the disempowerment that have been coming to you.

Deep down inside of you, your body is telling you the TRUTH, that is why you clicked on this video.


 Your oh so quiet INNER VOICE wants you to change the situations that have been continuing to hurt you,

 and to connect something GREATER than your PAIN.


 Not that long ago I was caught in the confused mind state of abuse where I couldn't even conceptualize what it was that I really wanted anymore.


 I was trapped in the negative energy of what other people putting on to me. Talk about exhausting and DEBILITATING.


I didn't even know how to make up my mind anymore.

I was so full of ANXIETY. 

I felt like I was going insane.

I was actually getting sicker.

I listened to so many things on the internet about gaining ABUNDANCE and getting the love and the RELATIONSHIPS and the WEALTH and CAREER dreams.


 I read books two worksheets and downloaded what I could.

 Now they were fantastic and I got a lot of value out of them but how could I possibly start working on abundance and career and happiness and all that stuff out there, if I didn’t even know who I was anymore.


Yet in that journey I found the keys defining me.


I found steps to recovering what seemed impossible and I want to share that with you in the most experiential way possible so you too can have a complete transformation from chaos to CLARITY, from confusion to COMPLETENESS. 


Our emotions are such powerful ENERGY MAGNETS for the situation we find ourselves in every single day.


We do have CONTROL over them, when we decide to.


 Once you get these foundations right no matter what happened in the past then you can have the tools necessary to go and get all those other things like ABUNDANCE and PASSION and career and relationships

 but you need to have the BEAUTY of YOU well and truly functioning before those other things will just magnetized to you.