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The Beauty of Emotions 
The Purpose and the Power
on your path of Self Love
with Leanne James

Getting you clear, confident, and energised
overcoming trauma, anxiety and triggers
while you reach your goals, FAST

Spirit-Ed™ Coaching and Counselling 
utilising The Spirit-Ed™ I.O.U. Formula 
designed with you and for you 

  The Spirit-Ed™ I.O.U. Formula

is your personalised program to

 to Empower you and get you Results. 

It is a step-by-step program, built with you. 

 You will come into YOUR power place and give yourself the respect and honour that you deserve.

Your will find a strength that gives you the right and the ability to decide for yourself what your life and journey looks like.

You will learn strategies to overcome anxieties and

enjoy emotions in a healthy way. 

You will achieve goals and be supported along the way. 

You will feel confident, loved and respected.

Transformation -

the benefits are amazing

Exercising muscles to learn NEW swimming strokes or basketball moves is all about pushing the limits,

stepping outside the comfort zone and trying new things. 

Coaching is about doing the same - with an experienced, empathic and compassionate skilled coach who knows what it takes to make changes. 

It’s safe, its effective and it will give you the results when you do what is needed to make those changes. 

No more excuses. 

No more sabotage. 

No more ‘stuck in the past’. 

It's time to get different results, the ones you want.

The time to change is NOW. 

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