From the Mud

It was the Pheonix rising from the ashes.

It was the Butterfly coming forth from the cocoon.

And then, as if it was meant to be - the Lotus Lily, from the Mud.

My young daughter several years ago said that if I was a flower I would be a Lily. Around the same time a close friend brought me a Peace Lily plant, which still survives (a miracle in my hands sometimes).

I also did a little website quiz on what flower would I be, and guess what? Yes, the Lily.

So the Lotus Lily has a special place for me, and more so now that I understand that the Lotus comes from the mud, much like our difficult lives sometimes.

And to add spark to the story, the Lotus, with its thousand petals, also brings us to open to enlightenment, if we are willing.

#butterfly #pheonix #lily #lotus #mud #enlightenment

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