I always thought it was ....

I've heard so much about it. I've studied it. Joined courses for it and somehow thought I was deficient of this skill.

For years I had been devaluing my inner guidance because of fear. Fear of following what my body was telling me. fear of making a wrong choice. Fear of the outcome - lonliness.

Its strange how life comes about sometimes and its usually, or so I've found, that when I am in my most desperate times that I 'then' make the right decision, even though in hindsight I really knew it all along.

And so it was. As a metaphysics buff, a spiritual guide and a fairly intelligent woman, I had been ignoring what was happing inside of me. I thought I just wasn't gifted with the art of knowing, absoluting and for sure what it was that the universe wanted me to do. I always wanted a clear answer from my externals, from God, friends, prayer, scriptures, cards. I always wanted some indication that I was on the right path and that everything would be fine because others had validated me.

I couldn't see any other reason for not having a powerful, oh wow, rainbow and singing crystals type revelation, except that I wasn't meant to have it.

And then it dawned on me.... It was while having a general chat with friends about 'energy is in everything' and how a kinesiolgist can determine a healing without speaking with her client.

Initally I thought 'the practiioner has to be told by the client what they are thinking so they can be guided'. But oh was I wrong. My years of training in life had been showing me the answer anyway.

All this time - energy is everything. Its in our thoughts, and in our feelings.

Its in the plants and crystals. Its in the sounds and colours. I thought I needed to see auras, or hear voices, or be guided by a variety of synchronicities to know what the universe was directing.

Now I understand what my intuition is. Its not something that needed validating by others.

My intuition was Source Energy communicating wtih me. I needed only to have identified that and followed.

#source #fear #intuition #energy #crystals #love

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