And without even noticing

The thought of psychosamatics has me fascinated. It always has been since I knew my grandfather's health was improved on the sugar tablets that my nana asked the doctor to prescribe for him. That was decades ago, and yet the concept is still intriuging, because even through we may understand the concept we are still inhibited by it.

We can believe something to be true even though we cannot see, touch, feel or taste it. Think about it. How many ideas that have come our way, be it in school, religion, parents, or from friends, and we have believed it. We have built our lives around it. We have changed ourselves for it.

If this can make such a profound change in our core being then is it too much of a leap to accept that we can invent our own beliefs? Ideals that don't exist elsewhere?

This can work both ways of course. We can create beliefs from our perceptions. This can be negative or incorrect, simply because we don't know the facts. We can change the way we think about someone simply because we didn't know all the truth behind a circumstance. We could change a career path because we didn't investigate the pre-requisites for a course we were interested, or decide that we couldn't buy that wonderful house because we thought we weren't eligible for a loan.

We can also be lead to believe things that are not true because we are fed information that was intended for us to believe, thus creating our own belief in a lie. It could be a story about someone else. It could be a direct lie that we've been told. Either way, we believe. Either way, we change according to that new belief.

So what if..... with all the psychosomatic implications in the world.... what if we could make up our own set of beliefs and build our lives on that? Afterall, if a person believes they are sick or deserve to be ill, they will most likely create that event even though there wasn't any fact there to begin with.

How about we all think of what could possible be 'good' for us, and make some new beliefs based on that? Its not a quick topic.... so I'll be back with more on that one.

Energy is in everything.

#positive #belief #lies #illness #energy

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