We Underestimate our Power

We have all felt some kind of Power from time to time. Perhaps its when we saw the amazing confidence of school teachers or the charm of the boss while he seals a sales deal. There is a power in each of these, power of knowledge and of influence.

We can get things by force as we add our physical strength to finishing a race, or when we force our opinion on to others.

Power can be a poorly used resource, and an over used or abused privilege.

This blog isn't about making comparisons between our other fellow humans, nor is it about getting us to think that we need to be all the good things about all the successful people that we can see in the media, on youtube or emails as we bombarded with "How To's", and "Self Help".

There's nothing wrong with those things. I myself have been consumed by them at stages of my life, and blessed by them continually, however, we do need to look at things in balance.

And the best place to find power is within ourselves, and when in doubt, then if we recognise that there is a power in the universe that is also OURS, then we will become Invincible, limitless and unstoppable.

Open up and receive the Universal power. Be vulnerable to the capacity for love and creation and change, because everything that creates more of itself in the universe is doing it to provide our world and home with more of the same. That is love. Creating more beauty, and this is what the Universe can do 'with' you. The only limit to this, is US.

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