Forgiveness for Hurt

We have learnt to forgive Seventy times Seven and when I posed this thought recently to a friend their reply was, 'When do you forgive yourself?'.

Let’s look at Forgiveness in a different way than we’ve seen before, letting go of the idea that it is about being content with the hurt that someone has dished out to us, consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes we want to teach the other person a lesson, and have them realise just what they have done to us physically, emotionally, psychologically. Ask yourself the questions.. Do you know everything that is going on for that person, past present and future? Do you know their journey and life lessons and purpose for which they are here on earth with this life in order to make a judgement on that soul?

I’m sure you’ll answer No, because in most cases, we aren’t even attuned to our own selves and our complete lessons, purpose and journey.

To learn to forgive, is one of life’s lessons.

Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves, to release us from the energy cord that we hold to the other person, so we can have freedom from the notion and inside feeling of having the other soul be taught a lesson.

Forgiveness allows us the distance between the ugly unforgiving energy and a Divine connection with Source power. When we are closer to the Divine, we are more intune with a higher wisdom as to ‘why’ things may have happened to us. However, it’s not up to us to determine or negotiate the ‘whys’ of someone else’s life’s lessons and path. believing that the Divine knows best is a powerful component in detaching from our human need to judge.

Forgiveness will allow ourselves to see who we are. To forgive is a Divine trait and is often only known to us through serious trials in life. As we interact with people, all kinds of people, we are able to see ourselves in the mirror of that relationship. We can see who we are. To be more Divine is a very appealing quality.

Forgiveness allows us to have free space in our here and now, in our present moment, and not get tangled up in a web of low-energy, low-frequency emotions. Enjoy life now by not holding onto what happened then. Let the present be a Present or gift to ourselves.

Forgiveness and letting go of the hurt and judgement that we may have for another created and growing soul, will provide the energy space and opportunity to find a higher existence for ourselves.

We can choose to unlock the places within our minds and bodies that we have un-forgiveness stored.

We can choose to flow with the life force energy (Chi or Ki) that is all around us and in us.

We can choose to rise above, and into more positive energy.

For - give - ness. Giving over the hurt, For, a better soul space for ourselves.

May Peace and Light be yours.

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