Fear is a Question

Was it the Rock Climbing that I didn’t want to do? or was I fearful of something else?

While hanging washing I was thinking of my daughters up coming birthday and choice to take our family rock climbing. I caught myself saying ‘I don’t really want to go rock climbing’, yet something also said ‘i should because there are only a few of the family going so it will be noticeable if I didn’t climb’.

Do you have times were several voices are talking in your head.

Sometimes its even a war going on in there.

Everyday gives us opportunities to reflect and learn. The journey and the lessons are amazing.

Watch your thoughts and where they direct you and where they’ve come from.

In that moment I saw my dilemma - to do what looks right for my daughter, or do what I want.

But that raised another question, “WHY don’t I want to?”

And therein was the start of my lesson.

So to sort out my dilemma, I asked MORE questions. I can hear you asking ‘Wouldn’t that just confuse things?’

Ultimately no, and here is why.

I asked Why I didn’t want to go rock climbing? And I kept asking why until I got to the root of issue.

You will find that our reasons for not doing something are fear based.

Was it the lack of money as I’d just lost part of my job?

Was it the embarrassment if I fell?

Was it the fear of the heights?

It’s all about fear.

A fear of safety, of security, of loss of love, or loss of food.

The list goes on.

Is there an answer to our fear? ABSOLUTELY.

We need to be prepared to go deep within our souls and find our fear and confront it.

We need to truly be able to face it if we are going to change the situation in that very moment and not have to relive the test again.

Will we fight the fear now, or flee from it until the test comes again?

I chose to ask my fear if it was a legitimate safety based fear, or was I creating an excuse and calling it fear? I realised that I didn’t need to be afraid of inability or safety as it was a supervised event. I discovered that I was embarrassed, and yet I shouldn’t need to be because I had done many silly things and survived. I TALKED TO MY FEAR so that it would not stay energetically corded to my physical being. It had no justified reason to be in my body, and I had a better reason to have a go at rock climbing and laugh with my family and enjoy our life together.

In my Business, Lotus Energies, an idea that has been birthing for years, I have faced challenges that usually raise some kind of fear. Fear of failure. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of comparison. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of not knowing enough about media or webpages or Facebook. Fear of time. The list can go on.

Fear can be so destructive, so debilitating and so self-sabotaging.

Fear can also be used as a catalyst into a strength promoting realisation.

One small step towards any short term goal, is one step closer to the bigger picture.

So today, recognise that the Fear is real and that’s okay.

Talk to the Fear and even give it a name.

Don’t let the fear grab hold on you.

Push through the fear no matter how hard it may seem to be, and watch yourself strengthen.

So did I rock climb that day? Sure did. The picture tells is in a not so glamorous way, yet none the less truthful. I did it. I reached the top. I gained new heights, and I have stronger muscles to show for it.

Use your Fear as a hurdle to jump, a wall to climb, but just Do It.

Until next time, like the Lotus - Be Open to Universal Possibilities, Stay connected to your Divine Energy and feel yourself grow.

#failure #embarrassment #questions #fear

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