A Friend in the Mirror

If the Mirror was your Only Friend

There are times when the Soul Sister, the Partner, the Best Friend, the Twin Flame, Heavenly Father, or whoever you may usually rely on, just isn’t there or isn’t available.

These are the times we fall back into ourselves and our longing for that special link with truth or love or help or understanding. Tough times as they may be, we all have them, and that isn’t downplaying what each of us feel because in those times, it is so excruciatingly raw and primal and our emotions feel so exposed to everything, and empty and nothing at the same time.

What do we do when this happens?

How can we keep a grip on reality when it seems our world is imploding, our mind is so confused that we can’t think straight to know how to get out of this inky darkness?

We may all have our techniques of what works best at times.

Go for a drive, play loud music, ring a friend, write it out, do a crystal grid layout for love and guidance, pray, cry, have a shower, clean the house, sleep, eat chocolate, go for a walk, or seek Oracle card or psychic guidance. All of these things and more.

These ‘helps’ can change the ‘state’ that we are in in that moment.

Taking us from a physiological state of depression, sadness or madness, to the state we can feel when elevated for just a moment into elation or happiness. A different hormone is released from our brain and gives us some relief. Sometimes it is just to give our body and mind a rest from the clutter of ‘not knowing what to do to feel better’.

And so it is with us all, me included.

So when that special something or someone isn’t around to help us out of our abyss, our black hole or our emptiness, where do we turn?

Have you considered it ?

The mirror is where we can see ourselves.

We look inside and see the ugly, the beautiful, the dishonest, the loving, the angry.

We can see the wounded child, the warrior, the goddess, the victim, the angel.

We can see parts of ourselves that we hide from other people and hope they never notice.

We are the only ones that can truly know who we are, even though we often hide under layers of hurt or trauma or excuses to change the parts that we don’t want others to see, and sometimes we actually refuse to look at ourselves honestly.

It can be hard to reveal who we are and fully claim the wholeness of ourselves.

Sometimes our parts come out to play and hurt others. Sometimes our parts hurt us.

Rather than look in the mirror and see only what is skin deep, when we are covering up with makeup, or look only when we ‘like’ what we see, try looking authentically at the person we truly are. See the hair and the skin, but look deeply into our own eyes and talk to ourself. Wait and listen for the energy to connect, and reveal what we need to know. We can talk to ourself like we are own friend and soul mate. Talk honestly. Be real. No-one is there to listen or critize. No-one will humiliate or embarrass us, though we could question ourself right then and there if we do feel embarrassed.

Accept what we see. Accept the parts of ourself. We are a whole beings. The yin and yang. The black and white. The opposites within. The darkness and light. The Angel and Demon.

Change the parts that no longer serve us, that hurt the ones we love, and take quick action to rectify the energy damage sent into the universe that we’ve caused.

If we want to change what we see in the Mirror, we must first admit what we see.

We must decide what is no longer loving or helpful in our mirror.

We must change what it reflects, doing whatever it takes, being bold and yet loving.

Change the reflection, Accept the completeness, and Love the wholeness.

And as we change within, that outside will change and we will see the difference in our Mirror.

Our friend in the mirror, our other part, will be there to guide us through our alchemy from something, to something more.

It will make all the difference to the energy that emanates to the universe and what comes back to us.

Until next time

Be open like the Lotus to Universal Opportunities, stay connected with your Divine Energy, and watch yourself grow.

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