Your Divine Guidance System - 3 Quick Steps

Throughout our lives we are often challenged, engaged in dramas, pushed to our limits, and tested. It causes us pain and heartache, sickness and anxieties, trauma and loss. We aren’t meant to be in constant conflict. Our minds aren’t designed to be in dis-ease so much that our sub-conscious and un-conscious compensates itself into disease and illnesses.

Although our minds are the governing organ of consciousness and the organisation of our bodily function, we can often become too pre-occupied with ‘thinking’ that we have to work everything out with our minds.

The mechanism of creation is such a wonderful thing. The universe, our environment and our bodies are complex organisms crafted to prosper and grow. Our body’s are designed to be energetically aligned and balanced for its greatest potential.

As we come to understand our bodies better, not just our minds, we can find that alignment with our Chi, our chakras and our meridians. They flow better. Our bodies talk to us more clearly. We are in tune. We become connected to the Innate Awareness of what is our centre truth.

Becoming in touch with our body’s intelligence is such a liberating experience. We can become conversant with our body’s symbols of communication.Too often we can ignore the subtle language of the body as we look for logical information to guide us.

Communing with out own personal Divine Energy opens up immense dialogue with our purpose, our questions and our challenges, our families, our careers, and our concerns.

With far too little space to elaborate here, and with many steps that could be discussed, I thought it ideal to give just three quick guidelines to start us with identifying our body’s language.

1. Be Still

Unless we are prepared to stop, pause, ponder or rest from the externals of ‘life’, we may miss the subtle cues that our body has to offer us on our path.

Find a time, a place, and simply let things flow. Don’t try to force thoughts away from the process of thinking. Find a place inside, that is space, and rest their a little.

2. Be Aware

Throughout the day, take notes of the subtle tones in your body, your skin, your limbs, and organs. They are all living entities. Recognise them. Honour them. Consider the intelligence of what it is doing and communicating.

3. Be Accepting

Without judgement, accept that the body symbols mean something that you may as yet have to decode. It may be a new language to learn. It may seem foreign, yet there is a wealth of information to introduce into your life when you identify the language.

Sometimes our guidance system may not be running smoothly. We may have missed a scheduled maintenance check or we may need some parts to be changed. Time to do this is imperative if our flight path is to run to optimum. Our path may sometimes hit turbulence, or set us off course, yet, if our navigation systems have been adequately maintained we should still arrive at our destination.

So much more can be written to express the wonders of this process, and many hours and years devoted to its practice. For now, simply and gently acknowledge that we can be open to Universal Possibilities which guide us to our purpose in daily choices, in our professional endeavours and homes lives.

Decide to connect with the divine source of information we can have access to, the Divine in You.

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