Just a Drop of Change

A recent Soul Retrieval healing with a friend brought out the difficulties that most of us face inside yet never truly deal with in life. The connections or lack of connections within our soul and heart are often things that we don't monitor or take time to understand.

It's fine for us to see that our health may be degrading because we are getting sick, getting a disease, run down all the time or feel like sleeping more than normal. How often do we regulate our spiritual health and take time to give it the peps, the vitamins, the rest for stress or the contemplations that our Spirit is crying out for.

Holistic Health is about the complete full functioning of body mind and spirit. All form or creation of things around us has first come from the thought or imagination of it. We create or attract the experiences that govern our daily lives. It maybe a hard pill to swallow, yet true, and yet sometimes we know that something in our past is blocking our future.

Block Therapy, Soul Retrieval and Spiritual Maintenance are things that we all need to attend to in order to improve our spirit and the source of our creative energies in life.

Just one drop of change can provide the change in direction that we need. Just one drop of something more positive to fuel your passion towards your goals.

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