Energy needs a Clean too

It hadn't occurred to me the connection until I was jolted by my citrine cluster.

It had always been my favourite. I'd hold it, look at it and sometimes feel the tingly energy from it. It would never change because it was already mine - or so I thought.

I just felt prompt to clean up one Saturday morning, and when holding my palm sized citrine I realised that it was only just a rock. It didn't have the same appeal. It felt cloudy or dull. I will just add it to the collection I have and find another favourite crystal saying to myself 'Oh well, what the heck, I'm washing the other crystals so I'll do this one too'. I popped the cluster in the water, holding it to protect it from hitting the side of the container and not paying any special attention, and something happened.

It was a little miracle.

I felt the buzz in the crystal. It tingled in my gentle hold. I hadn't felt this feeling in some time and I had to pause and concentrate. My crystal had come alive again and I could feel the connection to her. Not only did my hands and fingers feel the sensation but my heart started to feel that devotion again. My little Citrine.

"How could this be? I hand't done anything big or magical. What could have changed?" I wondered.

The logical explanation was that I had washed off the dirt, the dust and whatever ions and negative floaties in the air that had deposited on her while she sat on the dresser.

And then it happened. Another little miracle. Another recognition of life.

Crystals are supposed to be cleansed - not so they continue to look pretty - but so they can emit their natural energy. 'That' is why we cleanse crystals.

And not only are crystals supposed to be cleansed so they can be activated for use in Crystal Healing, but humans are too. Us, the intelligent species who walks the earth are also to be treated in a similar way to our crystals friends.

It may initially sound like lunacy that humanity should be treated like crystals, but there is a multilevel reason for me saying this.

1. Humanity are magnificent complex crystalline structures. We have the elements of nature, the magnetism and the water that binds us together to form all sorts of functions.

2. We resonate. The water in our cells transports energy faster when we are hydrated. We feel an energetic connection to things around us - crystals, words, feelings. We feel ignited by the touch of that specials person's kiss or the touch of their hand.

3. We respond to our environment. We sense the change in the weather. We feel the dark cloud of hate from distasteful people. We can feel excited when others are happy. We ourselves influence the people around us too.

What has this got to do with my Citrine?

While holding my previously adored crystal, which had once given me the tingles and pleasure of energetic connection and knowledge of the subtle power of the universe, I realised that I had neglected my crystal. I had left her sitting in the corner and she was gathering a bit of unseen dust. She had a shield on her and I wasn't looking close enough to notice. I became complacent. She was showing me that humans are like crystals which need to be cleansed and activated.

We should watch the way we can treat our loved ones - those who were once so precious to us and would light up our skin, and our eyes and our day.

Have we allowed our neglect of our treasure to be the reason that she or he sits in a corner gathering some unseen dust? Only unseen because we shield ourselves or refuse to go close enough to truly see?

My crystal could not radiate her natural energy because I was no longer touching her and lightly dusting of the daily residues of life. And once I did dust her off, wash her gently and hold her with attention only for her - then, and only then, did she light up again, and that is when we engaged.

I may be thinking mostly of our special intimate relationships and partners as I write this, yet it can be applied to our work and family life too.

When we begin to neglect the important things, and tuck them in a corner, they gather dust, they become dull, and they stop singing for us. We stop looking at them with the same loving attention and then we can start to blame anything but ourselves for this happening.

What is dusty in your life?

Open your eyes, get closer to truly see.

Reach out and gently touch the once adored treasure.

Tenderly dust it off a little and give it some freshening up.

And if your heart is open and sensitive, you may just feel that power connect to you again and your heart will sing too.

#crystals #attention #treasure #energy

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