Getting What You Want

Do we even know how to get what we want?

Actualising our desires and dreams is what life 'could' be about - if only we had the right understanding of how to make that happen.

Life is undoubtedly full of challenges, dramas and lessons, yet none of them need to be considered as negative.

Funnily enough - we DO actually get what we want in life - because we make it happen, one way or another.

1. Desire

First, the tiny little desire to make things better in our lives we must first desire that we DO want change. Recognising the voice within and how that influences the outcome of our lives is one of the most powerful 'first steps' that we can take.

Purposefully acknowledging that we need to consider the thoughts in ours mind actually has the most powerful influence in our lives.

Listening to our inner voice, when we are driving or walking the dogs and especially when we have been 'challenged' by people or events is one of the first learning lessons we can utilise in order to begin to change.

2. No Dreams

Life really has no scope if we do not have goals and designs for ourselves. It doesn't matter what road you take if you don't have a destination in mind. We could travel for years, take any bus, any study coarse and be involved with any type of people and be unfocused about where the 'winds of change' could be taking us.

Certainly there is validity in allowing, and in going with the path of least resistance.

And it said that "All roads lead to Rome", or is it that 'All roads lead to roam'?

Consider that it is only your thoughts about your destination that can change if you do not like the path you are on. Consider that there are ways to change that path - and it can only begin with you.

3. Persistence or Stubbornness

Stubbornness, obnoxiousness and obstinate may all be qualities that sound negative, yet, the up-side of these can be viewed differently.

Being strong-will, determined and focused are qualities seen as positive and endearing. Being persistent and stubborn, focused and strong about getting 'what you want' in life is what will get you there.

It's all about perspective

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