Over-sight or Under-sight

Once upon a time, there was a little girl skipping through the forest on her way to visit grandma….. We all know the fairy tale. There is a nasty threatening wolf and a defenceless grannie. Yet, there is always another side to every story, another perspective to every viewpoint and another path to take that we may not have was been aware of. Innocent Red Riding Hood knew the path she travelling was potentially dangerous yet that still didn’t free her from being confronted by the terrible wolf.

What if in her travels in the forest she knew a different path to take that would avoid the dangers? What if Red, had ‘over-sight’? Not the over-sight of neglect or misunderstanding, but the ability to see things ‘over’. What if Red, could look down into the forest like an eagle and see where the wolf was travelling and then take a new path?

The eagle is close enough to see the individual trees, the stream flowing through the centre of it and the path it takes downstream to the waterfall. The eagle with its ‘over-sight’ can go closer to the trees and see what types they are or the location of the wolves, or higher up in the sky and notice the logs coming downstream that could dam up the river and stop the flow of essential water to the forest and its companions.

Like the eagle looking at the wanderer in the forest of life, or work or career, who is lost in the thickness of the branches and undergrowth and cannot see through their emotions and own respective opinions, the eagle can also see that the stream is so close to the wanderer and his way out of that thick forest is literally to take a different path. Instead of continuing through the darkness by pushing and struggling to remove, with effort, the prickly undergrowth in his way, the wanderer could be heading for the stream. Finding the way to the stream by listening to the sound of the water flowing and knowing that the water has already found its way through the thick forest, the wanderer need only locate the stream and walk alongside it.

And on this different path, where the water is flowing without difficulty, where the sky opens above it, and the wanderer can look up and see the brightness of the sky, he can immediately know that he is no longer stuck in the darkness or going super slow with each step he takes.

What a contrast !

What a blessing to have 'over-sight' - the opportunity to look at things from above.

What clarity can be found in allowing ourselves the chance to see all or many new perspectives which gives relief from being 'stuck' in the forest of our own making.

There will of course always be times where the nasty wolf is hiding in our forest just behind the next tree, ready to ‘eat us up’, so to speak. Or perhaps the wolf is wearing sheep’s clothing and disguised as a genuine person yet with evil intent. There will always be such characters in our stories, whether make-believe or real, whether we carry these beliefs or they are fact.

Yet, in our path to find the ‘over-sight’ in our current forest fantasy, where we have more often than not created our own wolves around the next corner giving us all manner of anxiety and panic, let us try to be the Eagle, rather than the Wanderer.

For while taking our steps in the darkness of our forest we can also know that it is not too dark that we cannot look up and see the sunshine out there, or listen and hear the stream giving us a gentle whisper to redirection our travels.

Find the path that is whispering.

Find the stream of less resistance.

Let go of the struggle to need to know exactly what is going to happen next.

Be Open to what the Universe to communicating.

Allow new messages and in-spiration to flow, then find that flow and follow it.

With love and light, may every step be towards a higher value, a lighter view and a path where only love resides.

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