Three Top Reasons to Breathe

It may sound too obvious and ridiculous to state but breathing is actually the most important thing we can do. It is 'the' most vital and essential function that our bodies can perform in order to enable the most primal brain function of all.

Our primitive brains have been designed to perform so many major and minor functions, that when the brain comes to determine the necessity of any of them it is first based on whether or not we are in any danger.

  1. To pacify the survival mechanism

Firstly, our reptilian brain wants to protect us, and it will do whatever it has to to process and respond to the external threats that we experience in order to keep our bodies alive.

The act of breathing is always happening and continues to do so until 'our dying breath' when the remainder of the body can no longer support our spirit, or our life essence.

Breathing supports staying alive.

2. Keeping us gassed up

The breathing in of oxygen and exhaling of carbon monoxide is a function which enables the intake of oxygen into the lungs and then bloodstream, thus oxygenating the entire body with this essential gas. It is however very important to maintain the pathways for the body to intake sufficient oxygen so we can have this supply fill every cell in our body. Oxygen assists in brain function, which means that when we do have sufficient oxygen circulating into the brain then we are clearer thinking and happier. Oxygen is a happiness gas and we would do well to encourage more oxygen being brought into our systems and less inhibiting behaviours. Try getting a belly full of laughter more often. It really does help the brain function improve.

3. Connecting to God

No matter what you call the power of creation, the source or the god of our creation is all around us. This eternal presence of energy is in the space around us, in the outer space we cannot see and is in the air in which we breathe. By breathing bigger breaths and holding the air inside our lungs longer, we are actually inhaling in the divine source of creation into our body and into our cells. When we breathe we are indeed connecting to the creative source of all space and matter. It is in our connection to divine source that we can begin to change ourselves on a deeper and quantum level that our reptilian brain had been challenging us to consider.

By consciously deepening our breathing experience we not only connect to god energy, but we also allow mind to become invigorated. As our mind is fuelled with oxygen, then it satisfies our primitive brain's need to protect us and we find a sense of security, a change in hormones, and a state of happiness.

Happiness comes from breathing better

Breathing longer

Breathing more consciously

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