Be Your Own Superhero

If you could find the understanding and control of pain in your life, would you do it?

Pain, Pleasure and the Mind of Co-Creating and finding modaliities to tune in and turn up your energy frequency, erradicating the symptoms of anxieties and limiting beliefs. "Pain, Pleasure and the Mind of Co-Creating" ⁃ is an insight into the way our mind uses pain and pleasure and how we can utilise this to co-create our greatest life. Not too long ago I was only going backwards, being de-constructed with pity, anxiety, self-loathing and allowing all the wrong things and toxic and pathological people to control almost all of her remaining self esteem. I was being conditionally controlled because of the mind-games. It was eating me up, and my friends and family were watching me go mad and completely change. I had almost lost everyone I loved and yet I didn't wake up from the daze of PAIN and PLEASURE that dominated my mind. I DID found a way out and I am now so intensely passionate to share how you can too. If you have stresses, illness, or belief limitations that stop you from getting what you want .. or if you don’t know what your life purpose is and disempowered by anxiety and restricted to achieve anything you want to have…or if you have any kind of dis-ease storming around inside your body, confusing your mind, blocking your sanity and getting in the way of happiness, then understanding energies within the body, the power of Attractive Thinking, and strategies to change the body-mind connection to gain complete happiness IS my goal, her passion. My vision is to help you help yourself with tools you can pick up at any time of day or night, becasue that is exactly what she needed to do to escape the chaos and trauma that encapsulated me - and you can too. I can inspire you and offer you resources to become your own Superhero and your own empowerment.

I have decades of experience with spiritual elements of human dynamics and is more recently an 'after abuse survivor thriver'.

I am a Professional Counsellor and Crystal and Reiki Practitioner, the creator and specialist of the new Crystal Gridding Intention Boards and workshops that have been at Expos and Festivals from the Gold Coast up to the Sunshine Coast and around Brisbane, and as a chemist she is scientifically acute to the workings of energies and chemistry within crystals.

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