Who Creates the Fear?

We are only born with 2 fears.

The fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.

Funny though how many types of fears can you name that you have or do experience?

the fear of loneliness or our children not loving us

the fear of unemployment or not having a place to call home

the fear of not being enough, or worthy, or beautiful

the fear of disease, illnesses, cancer or a virus

the fear of not having a holiday or getting that car

the fear of not being smart enough, or losing your memory.

So many fears, and aside from falling and loud noises which we are all born with - every single fear is created by us or taught to us.

Sure, I also have fears because I am human and yet when I have the courage to dig deep into the uncomfortableness of the fear and look for the new learning, a different perspective, new information about when and why I came to have ‘that fear’, then fears can literally ‘vanish’.

* I KNOW this to be true.

* I have experienced this, and many do.

This is the work that I do with clients.

What is fascinating about humanity is how many fears in some people are not a fear at all in others.

Think about it.

Do you notice in friends or family, something that really disturbs or worries them, but not you?

Or perhaps in the media about body image, the luxurious car or clothes that some people would ‘die for’ if they didn’t get it, and you wonder why they are so extreme about it?

Or the compulsion for some to their ambition, because unless they hit their ultimate success it may mean they may not amount to anything as a human!!! And so they step on people on their rise to fame, fortune and riches while you look on and don’t see the inner fear that drives them?

Our experiences are all different yet possibly our lessons in our own humanity and divinity are very similar.

Fear is a primitive behaviour of the mind which is designed to initiate the question, Am I safe? Will I survive this challenge? Do I need to do something immediately to protect myself and those I love?

Fear itself is not a bad thing, though I will extend myself to say that what YOU fear is the issue, and it is YOUR issue, your stuff and is your choice.

Things, people and situations are not the cause of our fear.

We create the fear. We make the fear into a problem.

And the problem, if not dealt with can and too often does, become toxic and controlling.

Sadly, people fight so hard to keep their fears.

They justify their reality.

They argue with others about it and rationalise that there could not possibly be any other perspective or way to evaporate their fear, anxiety, depression or worry. So sad.

"Fear is the mind-killer" - Frank Herbert

Fear, can and will infect into the depths of your soul unless treated.

Fear, if allowed to run riot in your body will cause a breakdown in your natural immunity, your hormone function and balance and in your energy systems. When this happens, you become susceptible to all kinds of foreign agents of unhealthiness - germs and viruses take hold, giving up your inner strength allows foreign bodies to take over until dis-ease occurs prematurely.

Is this you?

Do you let fear take over so that you feel out of control and literally give in to the outer conflict, the pressures of society and the power plays around you?

It is never too late to change though just as it has taken you years to become so allowing of fear in its many forms and repercussions, so too it will take time to undo, rewrite and even find different solutions to the problems that have occurred in your inner life and outer life.

Reach out for your own Discover Session and seek your change.


Leanne James - Personal Empowerment Practitioner

Rise-Up and Live your Spirit-Ed™ Life.



Image: Courtesy Pixabay

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