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Are you a Helper or a Healer or looking to live your passion in a soul business? 

One that is bigger and brighter than where it is right now?


One that aligns with your soul calling,

that brings wellbeing to those you know and their world

and brings you an authentic soulful abundance.

But - something is missing to help you move forward

as you have blocks and sabotage?

What steps do you take next?

What support and knowledge base is there to

help you as you help your business?


Do you want to ...Go beyond a hobby and side hustle and know what steps to take next?



Do you want to …Make a bigger impact and be of purpose and share your message with the world



Do you want to ... Build momentum and drive for the next level of your business



Do you want to... Guide or assist others to release the blocks, fear and confusion to allow confidence with any of your specialised heart-soul skills?


After all - a business has to be organised doesn't it.

Do you want it to grow and become self sufficient?  


* Your deep values - both dark and light

* How to build yourself and your business on your strongest values and principles

* Learn about the STEM method - using outside resources to save time, energy and worry

* How to listen to your inner guidance system, and refine it for business

* Working the Priorities in your life, to accomodate your business, without losing yourself

* Know the system of Attractive Thinking

* Understand the science of the mind as it relates to triggers, beliefs and sabotage

* 5 Steps to produce the plan, the energy for both you and the business and the inner vision powered up so you can move forward quicker - because you can

* Arrange an initial consult to see if we could be a perfect fit to work together and Ask for the 45 minute Strategy Session. It will also give you a 7 page Create Your Soul-Business Blueprint using the Spirit-Ed™  I.O.U. System (Valued $295) 


Worksheets available for business models, values statements, and coaching /mentor package and MORE 

Create Your Soul-Business

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