A Spirit-Ed Event of Spiritual Education.

This event has learning and activities to guide you with options for your Spiritual Journey - covering topics about the mind, the body and soul - crystals, energies, meditation, card reading, reiki and meridians. It is a holistic insight into science meets spirituality, and how you can attractively receive your freedom and hearts desires. 

Each event will be different. Socialise a little with like-minded people. Learn more about Holistic Healings.     

Come and enjoy. Refreshments included $40

This is also the opportunity to find out about the intensive Personal Empowerment Program, or Personal Packages of Energy & Action Counselling / Coaching - where you will release blocks and empower yourself, at your pace and in the privacy of One2One with your trained and experienced professional, Leanne James. 

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Friday Evenings or Saturday Afternoons

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Come along to a 

Spirit-Ed Event

Each event will have different topics so look for the Facebook updates as the events approach, such as Energies, Meditations, Crystal energies, Reiki, Kundalini, Card readings, Mind-Body connections, Crystal Chemistry, etc.  

We will explore many different Holistic or Healing concepts with discussion, experience and worksheets, and Meditations.

During the session more will be explained and you'll have the opportunity to find out about

further workshops and input if you wish.


 So sign up below includes the afternoon or evening of

Spiritual Education

and a time to socialise and laugh, and of course learn.

Nibblies and drinks included. 


 You'll come away feeling uplifted and inspired and you'll want to know more about

The Personal Empowerment Program