Leanne James is a Professional Counsellor and Energy Practitioner to women who need a way to find skills and techniques to easily use themselves when in their own fight or flight, day or night.

Offering a large array of tools to shift stuck and toxic energy and beliefs, Leanne assists women to fully engage in their commitment for decisions and change to meet their Divine Possibilities and Potential.

With energy modalities of Counselling, Mediations, Reiki and Crystals, and other sciences and Mind-Set techniques she facilitates clients to safely go within, reunite with their Divine inner child and heal the hurts, traumas and diseases and live consciously and fully.

Rise Up and Live your Spirit-Ed™ Life

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Professional Counsellor and Coach
Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Healing Practitioner
Domestic Abuse and Loss & Grief Survivor
Speaker and Presenter

Are you needing a way to relief from the tension inside, the anxiety that rises and the emotions that overcome you? 

Finally - a place to come to learn the skills to help you help yourself - where you do not need to relive the dramas of the past.

Why not set in motion a fresh new future for yourself and those you love - starting with YOU!!

Join us for a 

Spirit-Ed™ Workshop, where you will learn, laugh, and set in motion the change in your life you've been looking for. 

* 9:30 am -12:30 pm

* Playbook Manual for the early bird bookings $5

* Holistic approach to change

* Community based

* Ongoing support

* Structured learning with Professional Counsellor and Empowerment Practitioner

A  Spirit-Ed™ Event

How to Gain Control of Your Life Workshop

workshop day

* Attractive Thinking

* Belief Systems

* Crafting Words

* Daring to Dream

* Elevate your Energies

learn and do

* How to remove nasty habits

* How to reframe old beliefs

* How to learn from past pains