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Helping you to achieve confidence, direction and relief from stress anxiety and the chaos of life. 


Providing solutions, techniques and mindset hacks, 

with fun, practical and energising support to achieve effective results, vitality and happiness. 

While working together you will be inspired, heard, guided and encouraged as you heal from personal set backs and develop resilience to live your brilliant life 

Specialising with Women, Youth and Young People

Together we can explore limiting beliefs and shadows that keep you stuck where you are, develop goals, learn techniques to assist you when there is no-one else around to help. 

As a qualified and intuitive Counsellor, International Life Coach, Holistic Hypnotherapist, Energy Practitioner, mum of 5, abuse victim/survivor thriver, I believe in more than one way to relieve the soul and body from its traumas, bringing yostrength and authenticity. 

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We cannot manifest and create beauty and love in our lives from a place of fear, trauma, anxiety or fight flight triggers! 

🗝 Stop sabotaging yourself

🗝 Shift stuck unhealthy body energy and emotion and become healthy 

🗝 Have peace 


🗝 Gain effective strategies to change anxieties, panic attacks or depression


🗝 Conquer your limitations and reach your goals quicker and more authentically.

🗝 Be guided and empowered - Especially for Youth to Women who feel lost in their ‘stuff’ and don't know how to move forward, into heroism with amazing transformations and success gaining tools to manage anxiety, depression and relationships.

Clients say this

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"no tears"
Joann W 2017.jpg

Joanne, Thornlands, Qld

After just a few visits Joanne who came to Leanne said “I have been to so many counsellors and psychologists and ALWAYS came away crying, but not with Leanne.

I came away with a fresh view on my future, and no tears” -

"amazing gifts"
Clare W 2020 copy_edited.png

Clare, Thornlands, Qld

 “She is the gentlest, kindest and most caring lady that I have ever had the pleasure to know, I would love you all to share the truly amazing gifts she offers just as I have been blessed with.” 

"she turned the light on"
Carol Lawes image mar 2021 _edited.png

Carol, Laidley, Qld

"Leanne you are a unique Butterfly, because you have so much love to give. I believe she's the person that turned that light or switch on, that gave me the spark to stretch my wings and fly.You have given this little butterfly belief to fly".

Beautiful Sunset

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Lotus Energies is a global and local business. 

Rise Up and live your Spirit-Ed™ Life

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