How to go from chaotic, controlled and stress-filled to


How to Gain Control of Your Life 

Without Giving It Up Or Giving It Away

Hey its Leanne here, and I know what you are thinking.

You don’t have the time or the money or the energy to work out how you can change or even THINK about your dreams because you have family and commitments already. RIght?

I know. I use to say the same thing. 


I remember being so stuck in self doubt and deprivation that I was gaining my feeling of worth by all my good deeds for others. I have suffered those kinds of relationships that trap people into toxic commitments, thoughts and destruction of personal choice. Anxiety captured my mind and my body making me sick …. then… I found a way out…

And then things changed ….

I have the BLUEPRINT that will change your life FOREVER.

The Spirit-Ed™ I.O.U. Blueprint System - 

it’s all about YOU


It’s an empowerment program, one that will show you


  • How to discover why your thoughts trigger your emotions and how to stop the reactions

  • Ways to uncover hidden reasons you're sabotaging yourself and keeping you small


  • How to shift the shit, especially if it involves others


  • Three simple and effective strategies to change the negative energies in your body 


  • How to charge your mind to the path of your dream



* to help you unpack, unblock, and step up from the past

* to reconnect, renew and refocus on you

* to power up your passion and purpose

* receive the dreams you had buried

* to influence and attract what you want in life. 

* to Dream BIG.

What others are saying?

 “She is the gentlest, kindest and most caring lady that I have ever had the pleasure to know, I would love you all to share the truly amazing gifts she offers just as I have been blessed with.” 

Clare of Alexandra Hills

After just a few visits Joanne who came to Leanne said “I have been to so many counsellors and psychologists and ALWAYS came away crying, but not with Leanne.

I came away with a fresh view on my future, and no tears” -

Joanne of Thornlands

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