How to gain
Emotional Calm and Clarity
amid the Chaos in Life
on your path of 
Self Love and Freedom


🌻 Guiding and empowering women like you who feel lost in their ‘stuff’ and don't know how to move forward, into Heroism with amazing transformations and success.
🌻 I believe in your ACTION and accountability, your progress and SUCCESS

🌻 I believe you can push through fear - which too often caught in the subconscious.

It's time make healthy choices with new outcomes.

🌻 As your Results Coach and Counsellor I work for you on WHAT is stopping you and WHY

with holistic direction, techniques and heart and compassion.

  • You will discover why your thoughts trigger your emotions and how to stop the reactions

  • Ways to uncover hidden reasons you're sabotaging yourself and keeping you small

  • How to shift the stuck energy and emotion, especially if it involves others

  • Simple and effective strategies to change the negative energies in your body 

  • How to charge your mind to the path of your dream


- to unpack, unblock, and step up from the past

- to reconnect, renew and refocus on you

- to power up your passion and purpose

- receive the dreams you had buried

- to influence and attract what you want in life. 

- to Dream BIG and receive.

What others are saying?

 “She is the gentlest, kindest and most caring lady that I have ever had the pleasure to know, I would love you all to share the truly amazing gifts she offers just as I have been blessed with.” 

Clare of Alexandra Hills

After just a few visits Joanne who came to Leanne said “I have been to so many counsellors and psychologists and ALWAYS came away crying, but not with Leanne.

I came away with a fresh view on my future, and no tears” -

Joanne of Thornlands

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