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Helping you to reduce the stress anxiety and the chaos of life, while achieving confidence, direction, happiness, relief and freedom.

Counselling – Psychotherapy 

Counselling sessions are ideal for those who are experiencing distress in a specific area of your life and require professional support to help you process both current and past traumas.

Often clients start with these sessions and can talk through and be heard on some of life’s most difficult times. ie. grief, anxiety, relationship breakdowns, changing careers etc.  ​Sessions are 50 minutes.

Clients usually begin here and can transition to the deeper therapy coaching sessions at any stage. 

Investment: $230 per session

Coaching - Counselling - Therapy Sessions

Whether you are needing support, tools and relief with Mind-Body-Emotions or trauma therapy, Lotus Energies Coaching - Counselling, Trauma and Empowerment therapy sessions are always tailored specifically to the individual.

We work together on breaking old patterns, limiting beliefs and reducing the charge of trauma that have been keeping you stuck.

You can reduce anxiety and depression, dissolve trauma and change habits as you improve your patterns of your life. 

​You will gain increased motivation and success in your goals, improve confidence and gain emotional resilience as you move forward into your healthy empowered lifestyle.

You will always have a positive path and outcome in these sessions. How exciting. ​

​Investment:  $250 per session

Excel Coaching - Mentoring

Individual coaching sessions are available to clients who have completed a coaching programs and would like to continue maintenance coaching sessions as fluctuations in life occur. Coaching sessions will provide continued support for clients to grow in the areas they desire.  Includes:

Sessions are held as often as needed, without any specific number of sessions.


​Investment: $220

PsychoSocial Recovery Coaching

I encourage healthy and respectful 

  • Communication

  • Social interaction

  • Learning new skills and ideas

  • Self-care

  • Self-management and discipline

  • Social interaction and participation

  • Decision Making 


The recovery model is to achieve the optimal state of personal, social and emotional wellbeing of what is defined by the individual, while still recovering from a mental health condition.


I personally have numerous psychosocial and mental health experiences in my own life and family and also in professional circles. 

Some of the disorders which I have experience in include:

Obsessive-compulsive disorder



Borderline personality disorder


Depressions and Anxieties

Trained in Professional Counselling, Life Coaching, and a range of emotional, trauma and neural empowerment tools, I have also had years of experience with mental health disorders. 


  • Professional Counselling, 

  • Life Coaching 

  • Other psychosocial skills

  • Experience with clients, family members and personal issues with various mental health concerns and harm. 

  • Training for families with BPD  

  • General lifestyle support

  • Support for emotional resilience, communication management and life skills.


Clients who are experiencing a psychosocial disability are likely to gain more confidence and control in life while becoming more empowered to overcome feelings of isolation or worthlessness. As a Coach & Counsellor I can facilitate you to have positive outcomes and increase your general wellbeing in life. 


NDIS Supplemented Service​

Ask me via audio message

I know that life can be challenging, and that's why I'm here to support you every step of the way. Instant audio messages allow you to seek help discreetly, whether you're navigating a difficult moment or simply need someone to talk to. Take that brave step towards a happier, healthier you. Try a one-time off payment audio message service today, and experience the transformative power of instant therapeutic support. You deserve the best care, and you can receive it whenever you need it.

Investment : $45

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What Clients Say


Harshni W

"Leanne has been an amazing person, contributing to my personal and professional growth, with empathy, compassion, humour and an amazing ability to understand exactly what I am trying to convey. I have travelled so far with her support." 
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